Home Improvement – Family Room Built-Ins

We just have very little storage and walls in our home.  I have no place to put books, or set out family photos.  Our TV is now over our fireplace, so there is no entertainment wall unit or built-in for these items.

I can play around in Photoshop pretty well.  I decided to take a photo of our family room, and add some images of shelves and cabinets to simulate what I want my husband to build for me.

Here is how the family room looks now.


And this is the picture I created for my Husband with the “cabinets and book shelves”  The walls are a nice warm gray – not sure why they came out so salmony-beige in the picture.

family room shelves

We will have to come up with a similar cabinet and shelf system for next to the fireplace to balance out the room  (First pic is before we hung the TV)  I really don’t like the TV over the fireplace, but there is no other option for the furniture in the room.  A TV in the corner next to the fireplace would be 20150928_184921impossible to watch.


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Lifebook 2016 – A few of my Art Journal Pages

LB2016header900I have been progressing through the class very well so far.  I am mostly up-to-date with the once-per-week classes.  I’ve enjoyed most of them, but have to admit I am enjoying my watercolor classes much more.

Some of the pages speak to me very much and I’ve enjoyed the art process.  Some of them seem to have a basis in pain and healing, etc.  I just don’t have that experience in my life – not in a way I feel I need to art journal about to as a cathartic experience.  Some of the pages are fun with many, many layers of paper, stamps, writing, stencils, etc.  But after a few of these pages in a row, I need a break.  I feel like I am just piling on art products just to use them and make a mess.

Here are a few of the pages I’ve completed.  Out of respect to Tamara Laporte, I am not going to elaborate on the theme or instructions for these pages.  It is a paid online class after all.  I do recommend the journey.  Overall I am enjoying and will continue to complete pages and update some here.

edited_1451938646453 20160119_162140 20160113_125934-1 20160104_125744

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Greenville Center for Creative Arts – Watercolor

imagesBrandonMillsCCAOTThero2016-01-27 17.41.42 I don’t remember how I happened on their site.  I think I was looking for the arts museum.  But low and behold – a near by art center that teaches art classes.

I was so excited and scared  I’ve never tried to do any kind of art (other than scrapbooking) where other people would see my work.  I wasn’t sure I had the courage to do this.

As an early birthday present, my husband gifted me with two water classes.  I signed up and all at once I was committed and shopping for watercolor supplies (more on that later).  The Instructor I had was Dwight Rose.  I have to say I improved so much from the first class.  I look forwarding to taking more classes from Dwight.

Here are a few of my pieces after completing a few classes.  This is a big step for me to share my work publically.

20160221_115248 20160221_115208


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Lifebook 2016 – A Year-Long Art Journaling Class

LB2016header900I have been searching YouTube for various scrapbook tutorials and new products.  I kept coming across videos on Art Journaling.  I particular liked Tamara Laporte’s video.  They weren’t just art journaling.  She also was teaching how to draw stylized female characters.  It looked like so much fun!  I signed up and tried a few of her classes online and here are a few of my completed pieces:  I’ve never done anything like this before.  I was drawing!  drawing Faces!  And they didn’t look half bad.  I’ll continue to post my finished projects as I continue through her classes.



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Assessing Current Lifestyle: Goal 3: Community Involvement

colourful-volunteer-vectorI’ve always been activity in community active and service.  However, I realized I’ve mostly volunteered through my children’s activities and organizations they belonged to.

I’ve never been a church goer (whole other story).  But I really feel the need to find my niche here in my new town.

I’ve had mixed experiences in the past.  Especially with scouts and school groups.  It’s not that the cause was wonderful.  It’s just that some people sorta act like there is a million dollar prize at the end of the year and they don’t care how much they step on people to keep their name  as the only icon of the service project – what ever that may be.  Not to mention those parents who think they or their child should get special treatment because they have served.  I had a terrible experience of a group that asked me to help because they were looking for new ideas.  When I expressed some fundraising ideas we had done in the past, I was later confronted by the “Queen Bee” of the group, that my “new” ideas weren’t needed and I should go back where I came from.

But, I’ve got plenty of time on my hand, and I no longer have to rely on my children to find my community involvement.  So It’s time to find my  outlet to serve.

Stay tuned to see where I end up with that!

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