Lifebook 2016 – A few of my Art Journal Pages

LB2016header900I have been progressing through the class very well so far.  I am mostly up-to-date with the once-per-week classes.  I’ve enjoyed most of them, but have to admit I am enjoying my watercolor classes much more.

Some of the pages speak to me very much and I’ve enjoyed the art process.  Some of them seem to have a basis in pain and healing, etc.  I just don’t have that experience in my life – not in a way I feel I need to art journal about to as a cathartic experience.  Some of the pages are fun with many, many layers of paper, stamps, writing, stencils, etc.  But after a few of these pages in a row, I need a break.  I feel like I am just piling on art products just to use them and make a mess.

Here are a few of the pages I’ve completed.  Out of respect to Tamara Laporte, I am not going to elaborate on the theme or instructions for these pages.  It is a paid online class after all.  I do recommend the journey.  Overall I am enjoying and will continue to complete pages and update some here.

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Greenville Center for Creative Arts – Watercolor

imagesBrandonMillsCCAOTThero2016-01-27 17.41.42 I don’t remember how I happened on their site.  I think I was looking for the arts museum.  But low and behold – a near by art center that teaches art classes.

I was so excited and scared  I’ve never tried to do any kind of art (other than scrapbooking) where other people would see my work.  I wasn’t sure I had the courage to do this.

As an early birthday present, my husband gifted me with two water classes.  I signed up and all at once I was committed and shopping for watercolor supplies (more on that later).  The Instructor I had was Dwight Rose.  I have to say I improved so much from the first class.  I look forwarding to taking more classes from Dwight.

Here are a few of my pieces after completing a few classes.  This is a big step for me to share my work publically.

20160221_115248 20160221_115208


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