Assessing Current Lifestyle: Goal 1: Weight loss/Eating Healthy

NNtwIvOx GOAL 1:  Gotta Lose the extra weight and Eat Healthy

Like many people, we have had allot of stress.  It was a major decision for my husband to accept a position with a new company and move so far from family and friends.  Our daughter didn’t want to stay behind and made the difficult decision to leave her job, come with us, and start over again.  For me, I have always handled stress with comfort food, snacking, sweets and salty chips and dips.  Unhealthy.  It finally took its toll and I ended p with a burning set of ulcers and lots of arthritic aches and pains (I had both my hips replaced in 2005 at the age of 45 due to osteoarthritis).  More weight means more pressure on joints.

Our first year here in South Carolina was a challenge as I just love southern food.  I have tried many diets in the past, Weight Watchers, Medifast Weight Clinic, and Jenny Craig.  I really like the Sparkpeople website.  It is free and has great resources.  Let’s face – ultimately its all about calories and calories out.  I never liked exercise much.  Now, with my hip replacements I am even more restrictive.  I usually rely on a treadmill for a brisk walk.

female-doctorI had my first doctor’s physical here and was shocked!  Of course my weight was considered overweight (I have been categorized as obese before).  This time, for the first time, my blood sugar level was considered pre-diabetic.  My doctor gave me 3 months to bring it down.

Last year, I saw on the Today Show a segment on the Whole 30 diet.  I thought, regardless of the weight loss, this diet might solve my health issues.  I followed the diet for 30 days and it worked, down 20 pounds.  No alcohol at all.  Unfortunately, soon after we had the opportunity to do some traveling.  I thought, well, I’m on vacation so I should be able to splurge.  And I completely fell off the wagon.  Now with my blood sugar and ulcer issues, I decided to give it another chance.

jp7243b_300_medium-dark-blue_backget%20to%20a%20healthier%20placeI did really well for 6 months.  I lost 30 pounds and I even joined our local Anytime Fitness gym and was working out faithfully 2-3 times per week.  I was down 2 full sizes!  My husband bought me a pair of jeans I had always wanted – “MissMeJeans“.  All was great, I felt great and even better my medical numbers were great.  My ulcers were gone.

But then came the holidays.  I splurged, and I swear it was like a drug.  My food cravings went through the rough.  Plus, I was having wine nearly every night as there always seemed to be a social moment.

So that brings us today.  Up 10 lbs from my hard work.  Not working out much at all.  Snacking and my stomach ulcer is active again.  Also, my husband has realized he has gained allot of weight in his belly.  It is time to get our life back on track!

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