Assessing Current Lifestyle: Goal 2: It’s Time to Get Back in the Studio

I am now unemployed again.  After many, many moves for my Husband’s job, I have had to quit my jobs and start over again.  I have never been able to arrange a job transfer for myself.

Because I have done this several times, my resume is pretty much swiss cheese.  I have lots of experience, but only a short timer in all my positions.  This just isn’t viewed very favorably.  Quite honestly, I have allot of experience and training and am just plain tired of always having to start back at the bottom.

I have decided that at 55 I am retired!  Now what am I going to do all day.  Well, we’ve already talked about my first goal of creating a healthy lifestyle – so I’ve added going to the gym.  But what else am I supposed to do all day – clean the house, yuk.

good-cheer-nyc I have always had a creative side.  I’ve always wanted to be some kind of artist, but I don’t really have any talent.  My artistic outlet for many, many years has been scrapbooking.  I still like it, but I feel like its getting too predictable.  I have a ton of supplies and tools, but I am bored with it.

It’s time to explore other artistic opportunities.  Stay Tuned!

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